How to setup web page to upload files

Lots of emails, forum posts and newsgroup posts are about uploading files and pictures from a web site. This is one of thetop search items on

There are plenty of good upload components, (SA-Fileup is the best one I’ve used, ASPSmartupload is the best free one I’ve used). SA-Fileup provides many advanced features in their component. Paying for it is well worth if your in a corporate, enterprise or large scale solution. Using components such as ASPSmartupload to do nothing more to give the capability of uploading and having mixed forms is sufficient. They provide working examples and are easy to implement.

Step 1.  Download a component and install on the server.  (For this article we chose ASPSmartUpload install documentation)
Step 2.  Create a page with a form with the <form enctype=”multipart/form-data” method=”post” action=”somfile.asp” name=”form1″>
Step 3.  Create a textbox inside the form with the type of File. This will automatically put the button by the text box. The form below demonstrates what is need to be inside your .asp page.

How to setup a form and textbox to prepare for a person to upload a file

<form enctype=”multipart/form-data” method=”post” action=”somfile.asp” name=”form1″>
<table width=”80%”>
<td align=right>
<font face=”Arial, Helv”><b>File to Upload</b></font>
<input type=”file” name=”item” size=”30″>
<table border=0 bgcolor=”#CCCCCC” cellpadding=3 cellspacing=3>
<td colspan=”2″>
<input name=”btnSubmit” type=”Submit” value=”Submit”>

Setup Instructions
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To download ASPSmartUpload Click here


The installation of aspSmartUpload can be broken down into four main stages :

– extract the downloaded file
– saving the aspSmartUpload.dll file on the NT server
– add the aspSmartUploadUtil.dll fils in the NT server Path
– install the samples

These four stages are fully described below.

Configuration required

Server :
– 300Ko of free disk space
– Windows NT 4 Service pack 3+, Microsoft IIS 4
or Windows 95+, Personal Web Server, ASP
or Windows 2000

For Microsoft IIS 3 users :
+ VB5 Runtime
+ asp.dll (version 1.0b+) :

Browser :
Your browser must be RFC 1867-compliant to be able to upload files.
Netscape 3+ and Microsoft IE 3.02+ accept the RFC 1867.

Stage 1 : Extract the downloaded file

All the aspSmartUpload files are supplied in the zipped file,
Extract to a temporary directory, making sure the directory structure remains intact. If, for example, you extract the file to temp, you should see the following :

Stage 2 : Install aspSmartUpload.dll

You have to register aspSmartUpload.dll on your server. The dll can be registered by using either Regsvr32.exe OR Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS).

1st Solution: Using RegSVR32
Copy aspSmartUpload.dll into a directory on the NT server (e.g. c:mydir).
Save the component using the commands :
REGSVR32.EXE c:mydiraspSmartUpload.dll (From DOS or the Start/Run prompt)

2nd Solution: Using Transaction Server

Select the NT server on which you wish to install aspSmartUpload.
Create a new batch.
In the component folder, create a new component called aspSmartUpload.
Paste aspSmartUpload.dll to the Transaction Server to save it.

Stage 3 : Install aspSmartUploadUtil.dll

The objective is to enable the Operating System to access the aspSmartUploadUtil.dll file.

There is two ways to archieve this :
– Copy aspSmartUploadUtil.dll in the c:winntsystem32 directory. That way you don’t have to update the PATH propertie.
Copy aspSmartUploadUtil.dll into a directory on the NT server (e.g. c:mydir).
Add the component directory in the PATH using the commands :
PATH=%PATH%;c:mydir (From DOS)

Stage 4 : Install samples

The ASP application must be installed in an ASP-script-enabled web directory.

If your site has the following structure :

Copy the
tempaspSmartUploadMyInetpubscriptsaspSmartUpload directory
to the
inetpubscripts directory on your server.
Copy the
tempaspSmartUploadMyInetpubwwwrootaspSmartUpload directory
to the
inetpubwwwroot directory on your server.

Using your browser, enter the following addresses :

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