How to Install Xampp on Windows XP

This tutorial will teach you, in a straightforward manner, how to install Xampp (Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Perl) on a computer using the Windows XP operating system.

To begin, visit the XAMPP for Windows home page, located at:

You will have several options for which flavor of XAMPP you wish to install, including the Installer, Zip, and 7zip versions. For simplicity’s sake, this tutorial will use the simplest method: the installer.

Click on the Installer link and you will be redirected to the program’s SourceForge page. You may get a pop-up like the one below; if so, click Run:

Next, you will be prompted to choose an installation language. Choose English (or whichever language you wish) and click the "OK" button:

The Welcome to XAMPP Wizard will open. Choose "Next" to continue:

After that, you will be prompted to choose an installation destination. I would stick with the default, which is typically c:xampp:

Next, you will be asked to choose some options. Leave the default settings as shown in the screen shot below and click the "Install" button:

This will begin the actual installation process. Give it a few minutes, and then click the "Finish" button to complete the install of XAMPP:

Finally, another pop-up will appear, telling you that your install was a success and asking whether or not you would like to start the XAMPP Control Panel. Click the "Yes" button:

When the XAMPP Control Panel launches, click the "Start" button next to Apache and MySQL. This will start both services:

Depending on your setting, you may be prompted with two new pop-ups, similar to the one below. Click "Unblock" to allow Windows to start the two services:

To see if your installation was a success, open up a new Internet browser and type in the address:


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